The Flickr Slideshow Works!

new flickr slideshow
Many thanks to Eric for not only getting this corrected but for also restoring my faith in flickr. If you are still having trouble with viewing the new slideshow, please go to this thread and test the links Eric has posted and report your results there. The more people who do this, the better.

And someone on flickr must be listening because the license of your photo is now included when you use “Share this photo” or “Send to a Friend”.

Thank you flickr! If we could just get that selective 3rd party app thing working I’d be the world’s happiest pirate wench. Arrr, matey! :)

UPDATE August 2008: Not again!?! If you’re coming through from a search engine after trying to figure out what the heck happened with the new, new flickr slideshow, we’re in the same boat. The last time flickr introduced the “new and improved” slideshow it took them months to squash all the bugs. Make sure you have the latest Adobe flash update and if that doesn’t help, keep pestering them in the Help Forum. (Just when I was thinking of renewing my Pro account…)

2 thoughts on “The Flickr Slideshow Works!

  1. I’m glad it’s working on flickr, but I would be even happier if I had anyway of posting it ‘as is’ on a wordpress blog, and not through slidr or other ways. I still can’t understand why would want to use them, instead of flickr itself…

  2. Got me there, Claude. I’m just happy to see the darn thing with some consistency.

    There were a lot of disgruntled flickr users posting on the official flickr slideshow thread after the new slideshow was implemented in April. Suddenly flickr discovered how many users had been embedding the flickr slideshow in external sites. They (flickr) were not happy. Which may be one reason for the lack of flickr slideshow on

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