Stash Diving for NaKniSweMo


nakniswemo-smOne of the dangers of first looking for patterns and then looking through one’s yarn stash is that sometimes the pattern you want to knit doesn’t match the gauge of the yarns in your stash. That’s unfortunately what’s happened to me. My previous NaKniSweMo pattern choices #1, #2 and #3 all use yarn that weighs in at 18st per 4″, which is quite bulky and much too hot for my little normally sun-drenched corner of Israel.

Pattern choice #5, “The Very Thought of Him”, is a pattern I’ve been drooling over since it was first published, but just the very thought of Mistake Stitch Rib makes me break out in a slimy sweat. The first and only sweater I ever designed and knit for my hubby was done in Mistake Stitch Rib. It was a baseball jacket cardigan with a hand-sewn front zip and took me a good two months’ worth of full-time knitting to finish. And then my hubby put it on for the first time and it was perfect. Beaming pride, kudos and praise all around. The second time he wore it, it was still perfect. From about the third wearing I started to notice that my hubby’s naturally short arms were retreating up his sleeves. Eventually I discovered that because of the relaxed nature of Mistake Stitch Rib the upper back at the shoulders was growing…and growing…and growing. Unfortunately, none of my efforts to stabilize the shoulder area worked and rather than donate the darn thing to the Home for Aging Simians, the whole sweater became a frogged TOAD. It’s been 12 or more years since then, but the unkinked yarn is still in my closet, waiting for a second coming. To make a long story even longer, TVTOH will be knit one day with the yarn on the left above, just not for NaKniSweMo.

So, unless something drastic happens, like meteorites falling from the sky, Iran declaring Pax Nuclear or my completely misjudging what yarn goes with what (could happen!), the likely candidate for my NaKniSweMo sweater is Pattern Choice No. 4, Kristi Porter’s “Leo“, from Knitty Fall ‘04 knit with the blue Wendy Merino DK up there on the right. The general consensus on Ravelry is that this is a very boring pattern to knit. After a day of herding cats, I crave boring. :mrgreen:

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