NaKniSweMo Is Upon Us

nakniswemo-smI’ve been pretty much in a dead panic over the last couple of days just thinking about knitting Leo in a single color. Most of the comments I’ve read so far on Ravelry or via Ravelry have pointed out that this pattern is boring, boring, boring to knit. So in a last ditch effort to save my sanity and make NaKniSweMo happen, at 08:30 this morning I was at The Gourmet Yarn Shop digging through all the new arrivals for a yarn to gel my 8 different colors of Schaffhauser “Vesuvio” into a coherent sweater. Two 100gm skeins of Vitalgo “Oxford” in a dark gray/black heather to the rescue. Thank you, Orly!Casting on with crossed fingers. Progress will be noted in the sidebar. (And if you couldn’t tell, expect non-knitting posts to be light over the next month.)

(Progress bar images courtesy of YarnTomato’s Percent Bar Maker, for those of us who can’t use or don’t want to use Licketyknit’s Javascript version.)

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