We’re having a war, and you?

A letter received yesterday from a close friend in America:

Yuk…what a terrible time. I pray for you all and am scared to see all that is going on.  Where are your boys…still status quo?  And would your daughter have to come home if called upon?  it’s just never over is it? Come to THIS desert for a while….we can sit and knit and drink coffee!   Love you.

My reply:

Our older son, who has been out of the army for nearly two years, already called his commanding officer and volunteered. Regardless, there’s no place for him at the moment. His entire high school class was very motivated to get into combat units, so there are a number of them already called up.

Our youngest is not in a combat unit and in fact can’t be because of health issues. This doesn’t prevent the army from sending him to do guard duty on a base somewhere. At the moment he is still taking courses so unless total war breaks out (G*d forbid), he’s a student.

Our daughter is exempt from the army, although her old unit is quite busy at the moment.

Over? We’d love for it to be over, so would our Arab neighbors. That’s the crux of the problem.

Love you too.

The above email was edited to remove personal bits and for clarity.

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There is another post coming about the Gaza War, but this will let you know how things are with us at the moment.

P.S. the title of this post is not meant to be flippant. It just expresses for me how detached some people seem over what is happening here.

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2 thoughts on “We’re having a war, and you?

  1. You are on our minds everyday in this household. I can’t imagine what life must be like with war that close to your home. I remember how terrifying September 11, 2001, was. May God be with you and keep you safe.

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