Flickr Stats Mania!

The May 28th stats are in over at Flickr Blog:

  • We serve 12,000 photos a second at peak times — that’s 2,654,208,000 bits each and every second (8:20 PM)
  • We set an all-time upload record yesterday: 2,070,075 photos in 24 hours! (8:40 PM)
  • The Flickrverse has over 8.5 million registered members (9:00 PM)
  • Over 10 million unique tags have been added to photos on Flickr (9:20 PM)

This answers the endless inquiries in multitudes of flickr groups as to how many members are on flickr, but we still don’t know how many photos are housed there. You could spend a lifetime, probably several, viewing tens of thousands of photostreams. Eight point five million members, and growing.

“Wow” hardly seems to cover it.