Blog Day 2007

My daughter reminded me, today is BlogDay 2007. So as it’s still August 31st somewhere in the world, here are my 5 blog recommendations:

John Cox Art I’ve been reading Cox & Forkum’s editorial cartoons for a couple years now. John’s personal blog is just as insightful and, if possible, more topic. And he doesn’t draw bad either. (Warning: tasteful nudity on site.)

Blogging in Paris Elderblogger Claude talks about everything from soup to nuts and does it wonderfully. Manifique!

The Knitting Curmudgeon Marilyn is as opinionated as they come. I love her to bits (Warning: not for those who blanch at the use of four-letter words.)

Sketches of a Common Life Shirley describes herself as nothing special. I beg to differ.

Days with Frog and Toad Another fellow knitting aficionado and all around crafter, Pamelamama.

Your turn! What are you reading?

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