One for the Ghouls

Exhumed from my blog archives to keep you happy between visitations of little ghouls and zombies:

  • Haunted Travels
  • Make a funny face
  • Watch movies at Pixar (Needs Quicktime and preferably broadband to view at a normal size.)
  • The ever amusing, slightly insane Dave Barry
  • – everything from stepping on a crack and breaking your mother’s back to black cats.
  • Trick or Treat brought to you by Hershey’s chocolate
  • Ben & Jerry’s – a trip to the Flavor Graveyard is a must! Scream Savers too!
  • Anita’s Origami – All her origami is amazing, and the Halloween ones are unique. (The paper! The paper! The paper!)
  • Halloween Stuff from HP – everything from trick-or-treat bags to T-shirts. Lots of cute ideas.
  • The Toy Maker – Vintage style paper crafts
  • And lastly, Carve a Virtual Pumpkin requires the Flash Plug-in, but alas, no pumpkin seeds to roast. (My mouth just started to water. Israeli “white seeds” just don’t cut it. Frequently over bandwidth, but keep trying.)

To all those that do, hope your Halloween is a ghast!