Why This Blog Is Fluff

I’m the first person to admit that I am not a “serious” blogger. But it wasn’t always that way. When I started blogging somewhere around 2001, my blog posts reflected my life being married to an Israeli Sabra and raising our multi-cultural family or shared my latest digital, fiber and other creations. My blog also delved into more serious issues like Israel and our neighbors, the Palestinians. At some point I realized that writing about these latter topics left me very agitated. If anything, my agitation intensified to the point where my body was physically reacting to it …and not in a good way. And then I had a personal epiphany. Even though I vented my feelings through writing on my blog, it.changed.nothing.in.the.real.world.

This isn’t to say that I no longer have thoughts about these tension-making subjects, it’s just that I choose not to dwell on them online. While that probably makes my blog less attractive for some to read, the purpose of this blog is less about having readers looking for info on Israel and more about having a place for me to keep in touch with family and old friends.

In one of her posts this last week, Imshin put into words much better than I a general feeling I’ve had lately about the blogosphere and perhaps even blogging in general.

“Isn’t it far better to get on with living and not talk about it all the time? Get on with living and working and doing our little bit to make this little home of ours here work properly?”


6 thoughts on “Why This Blog Is Fluff

  1. The reason I read blogs is for the personal connection to that person. If you’re writing about what’s going on in your world, what I want to know is how is it impacting you personally. News I can read in the paper and watch on television. I enjoy your blog…reading about your life…things that interest you and so forth.

  2. P.S. – you KNOW my blog is fluff :) Sometimes the mundane (in fact a lot of mundane); sometimes things I’m thinking about and feeling; sometimes struggles I’m having. An intellectual read…not mine :)

  3. Sheesh … I just left a comment that was swallowed up. A message appeared saying I had to enter an email address but the comment was gone.

    This may then be a duplicate comment. If so then please delete it.

    I like your “fluff” blog. I do not feel that I know you well enough desire that you go deeper into your personal stuff. I do not want to feel that I’m either digging into your personal life nor like I’m swimming in it. IMHO private blogs with limited memberships (trusted friends) are the best place for the cathartic outpourings of deep sharing.

  4. There’s been all kinds of wackiness over the past couple of days around here. I was in the middle of editing my latest post and hit the “Save and continue editing” button, only to come up with an entirely different page asking me if I really did want to edit that page. =:-O

    Glad you enjoy reading the blog. Being the reserved person that I am, I now shy away from posting anything too angst-ridden. If I did have something private to say, I’d probably make it a password protected post. May have to do that soon. :)

  5. Jennifer the best thing Isreal has going for it are Isrealis being …well Isreali [mind you some people will say it’s the worse thing] heh, well I’m in the 1st bunch :)

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