Code Red

Anyone who has been reading, watching or listening to the news from Israel knows that towards the middle of last week there was a huge upsurge in the number of rocket attacks from Gaza on the Israeli towns of Sderot in the Negev and Ashkelon along the sea coast, both having a close proximity to Hamasitan. At the end of last week, the Israeli government belatedly showed a moment of backbone and launched a ground and air offensive in an effort to quell these attacks.

Why Israel has to endure rocket attacks at all is a question that non-Israelis seemingly prefer to ignore, if they wonder at all. These attacks have been a daily event for months against Sderot and they are just as lethal and terrifying as the SCUD attacks on Israel from Iraq during the First Gulf War in 1990 and the Hizbollah rocket attacks on northern Israel during the Second Lebanese War in 2006. During the Gulf War we had close to 2 minutes to get into a safe room once the warning siren sounded. The residents of Sderot have 15 seconds.

(hat tip to Avi aka “British Academic” via David at Treppenwitz)

I am not happy for the suffering on either side, but sometimes …well, Expategghead says it so much more eloquently than I.