Are You A Yarn Collector?

Are You A Yarn Collector?

Wow. As of today, there are 1677 comments on that Knitting Daily post. That post and the wonderful comments left on it were a huge reaffirmation that as long as there are knitters, there will be yarn collectors.

My first website “Yarnaholic Confessions” was born out of my addiction to collecting yarn. In the 9 years that my site has been online, I’ve received a lot of yarn collecting stories, some of which were published on the Knit Natterings page or entered in my site’s guestbook, or received privately by email (and some of those were SCARY). Personally, after nearly 28 years knitting and collecting, I can now say I’m a rehabilitated yarnaholic, although the FO to unknit yarn ratio is still screwed. (The hard evidence is on my blog’s Loose Ends page.)

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