The Zombielections Are Coming!

This whole US election campaign season has been nightmarish. Presidential candidates from the Black Lagoon, Ghoulish VP choices, Zombie Hordes chanting, “Yes, we can!” Makes me want to run and hide in the deepest, darkest mausoleum. Hopefully we’ll wake up on November 4th with our eyeballs still in our skulls and skin still on our faces!

(What? You were expecting serious discussion of the US elections on Halloween? And while I’m not even going to touch the Israeli elections, though the fodder is overripe, I will say that it should be clear by now that our PM is a member of the Undead. It’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” all over again.)

Geeky WP Halloween fun!

(via Matt)

In further news, the MarsPhoenix lander is holding a contest to pick its own epitaph. R.I.P.

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