WordCamp2008 Israel: The Leftovers

Forgotten Things:When Hanan Cohen set up the WordCamp Israel RSS aggregator following the blogs of those registered, I went looking specifically for blogs that were hosted here on WordPress.com and came across this neat site that explains step-by-step in Hebrew how to set up a WordPress.com blog, Eden Orion’s “How to set up a blog in WordPress“. Very much needed and really useful. (Just be aware that WordPress.com is holding its collective breath waiting for the latest update to WordPress (2.7) to be implemented on WordPress.com sometime very, very soon. This will immediately outdate all the “under the hood” screenshots, but the basic info is still the same.)

Another fabulous resource for both COM and ORG users, in English this time, is the post that Lorelle wrote following her presentation at last year’s WordCampIsrael. If you haven’t read it yet, or even if you have, go read it.

Unexpected Surprises: After WordCamp2008 Israel was over, it was fun browsing other people’s summaries and reviews of the event. Many of the presenters have already put up their slideshows on their sites and it’s good to catch up on part of what I missed in the alternate sessions. Here are the ones I’ve found so far:

I like to follow the links that people put in their posts because many times it leads to unexpectedly useful information. This time, however, following a link in someone’s post left me with my mouth open when I found that a WP plug-in developer is was using without permission a copyrighted image from my flickr photostream on their website’s About page. Rather ironic given the nature of the plug-in. (Update as of November 24: the image has been removed following my emailed request.)

Sorry for the lack of linkage to the website in question, but I’m still pondering what exactly to do about it.  I’ve been through the copyright mill a couple of times after writing an extensive FAQ about knitting and copyright, but this is really the first time I’ve been on the receiving end myself. Feel free to share your thoughts/suggestions in the comments.

WordTwitterFlickrRavelryQypeCampMeetup: WordCamp is an ideal opportunity to create an event mash-up with my other online activities and I was really sorry that my belated attempts to get together with fellow WordPress users from ravelry’s Yarn&Felafel group didn’t pan out. It’d be really great to have a meet-up at the next big event. If I’m already taking the day off from work and heading into the city, meeting my other online friends is an extra plus.  Count on it happening next year!

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