WordCamp Israel 2008

WordCampIsrael2008 is over. Still mulling over today’s event, so not putting anything down quite yet. Meanwhile here are the only decent photos I managed to take with the new camera. (The one of me pulling my hair out after downloading the photos from my camera isn’t here.)

Also on flickr

One thing I will mention here. For any of the WordPress.COM WordCampIsrael attendees that still don’t know that WordPress.COM runs Google Ads on WordPress.COM blogs, please read the COM Features page, specifically at the very, very bottom, where it talks about advertising. Then read this FAQ about why and this interesting interview of Matt Mullenweg.

OK-one more thing. There is a social bookmarking tool for WordPress.COM blogs. It’s called “GetSocial” and it was created by an Israeli WP developer, Hillel Stoler. You can read more about it in my post, “Social Bookmarking for the WP.COM Masses

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