This is not a New Year’s Resolution


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It’s hard to get excited about a New Year when so much baggage is trailing behind you from the old one. May it only go uphill from here!

And regardless of what you may think, this is not The End.

Update: my year just got a little bit sweeter!

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2 thoughts on “This is not a New Year’s Resolution

  1. You haven’t had Jelly Belly? Wow! We take things for granted! It never occurred to me that they weren’t available worldwide. I try to stay away from them — too addictive :)

    • Oh I have had them, Shirl. Still have an empty JB bag hanging on the fridge
      door since our visit in 2000. I hope they bring in an extra large stock for
      the store opening because I have a feeling the line to get into the shop
      will be really, really long. :)

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