As a part of our unexpected belt-tightening, we gave up one of our regular small pleasures of weekly movie-going. We finally loosened the belt enough over the last month to go to two movies, “Inglourious Basterds” (or “I’m Here Because of My Husband”)  and “Julie & Julia” (or “I’m Here Because of My Wife”).

Even with a passing familiarity with Tarantino’s filmography, I wasn’t ready for the gleeful violence of “Inglourious Basterds“. Beyond being swept away by Tarantino’s brilliant script and the incredible performances (especially by Christoph Waltz as Landa, the “Jew Hunter”),  you’ll just have to lump me in the group who wasn’t prepared to see this period in history getting a Tarantino makeover.  I’m still not sure what disturbed me more, the movie itself or the audience reaction to it.

Our second movie-going experience was frothy and light as an unbaked meringue. Even though I’ve never prepared a single thing in Julia Child’s now famous again French cookbook, her influence, particularly her TV presence, in my parent’s house while I was growing up was undeniable. Learning the back story, especially from the likes of Nora Ephron, whose writing I love, was the crème fraîche on the strawberries.

While I will never make a pilgrimage to Julia’s kitchen in the Smithsonian in DC to leave a pound of butter there, à la Julie & Julia, here’s my own little WordPress Logo Fun holiday homage to Julia Child’s spirit and her influence on American culinary culture.

More Logo Fun

And I don’t know if it’s always been there or now revitalized because of the movie, but Julie Powell’s “The Julie/Julia Project” blog is available for reading at its original home on Salon.

And now, the Intermission. I’ll be mostly MIA for the next 6 weeks, working on a special project and Tweeting when I have the time. Believe me, things will be the better for it when I return.

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