Vintage PI Goodies for Valentine’s Day 2010

This is a new set of much-requested Vintage Cutouts, available for you to download through the end of this month.  Again, these cutouts were created using Caroloyl’s excellent tubin’ tutorial with the exception of my preference for using a Wacom tablet and a small paintbrush to tidy the cutout rather than the Path/Bezier tool in selection mode.

In addition to the Vintage Cutouts Library UOL, I’ve also included in this download a toolset to help you make your own cutouts:

  • A Custom Brush preset for cleaning up your objects (no drawing tablet required, though preferred)
  • A” Zoom to 600%” SMP for easy zooming.

Click on the image to download and save the 3.9M zip file to your computer’s hard drive. Apologies for the file size, but these are fairly large image objects. If you have any problem with the download, please leave a comment. See also the ToU included in the file for any additional limitations on use of these Vintage cutouts.

Fontaholics will recognize the font here as French Script MT, available on most computers running an MS product.

This PI Goody is being released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. As always, any question about this license or how to use my Goodies are always welcome.

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3 thoughts on “Vintage PI Goodies for Valentine’s Day 2010

  1. Alas, since I got the Macbook, I no longer use Windows platform software :( I wish PI was in a Mac version. I gave my copy of PI to our daughter. Had some good, good times using PI…and met some awfully nice folks ;)

    • Feeling is definitely mutual, ma’am. :)

      I’ve seen on some forums that people have tried Wine (sp?) to install PI on their Macs, though I’m sure you don’t want to gunk up that lovely machine with an outdated PC program. Sometimes you just have to move on and remember the good times for what they were.

  2. Yes, I think it’s probably easy enough to do that, but to me, it just defeats the purpose of buying a Mac. I still have to turn around and buy Windows to run on the Mac. Call me hard-headed, but I refuse to run Windows on a Mac. I did buy Illustrator earlier in the year, and Adobe did a free cross-platform swap for the Mac, since I had the latest version. I’ve just not spent much time with it yet, and nothing is like PI!

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