Let Me Explain

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.*

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Just a few, in fact a very few, of the near-900 photos I took while we were on a short holiday in Switzerland and Germany over the Passover break.  I’m slowly editing and posting more to my flickr photostream, if you want to see a slightly less abridged, but higher quality version.

Too many thoughts about this trip to get down in one post. To sum up for now, a much-needed and welcome break visiting with people I love and people I admire.

Maybe more later…

*Inigo Montoya, “The Princess Bride


4 thoughts on “Let Me Explain

  1. while these pictures are indeed beautiful and certainly do take my breath away, they are not quite as exciting or breathtaking as sitting behind home plate at the brand spankin’ new Target Field watching the Twinkies trounced the BoSox. Come on. Come to MN…I’ll take you to the game.

    and i _am_ totally jealous that i can’t be tramping around the Alps with youse guys.

  2. Oh how resplendent! I would probably be gawking the entire length of my stay there. Either that or squatting faithfully with camera in hand, and eyes fixated on anything but the camera.

    All these visits on a short holiday too!

    • Thankfully the Swiss are prepared for gawkers and have set up roadside stops at most of the best (read, EXCRUCIATINGLY photogenic) spots. I imagine the traffic accident rate has subsided somewhat as a result. :)

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