Amit Erez

It was a pleasant surprise to discover this week that bandcamp includes a shortcode for use on (hat tip to the always musical @HarryR)

3 thoughts on “Amit Erez

  1. FYI – send the BANDCAMP reference on to Misha. He probably knows about it, but what the heck…i’m just an interested bystanding mommy.

  2. Jennifer, love this blog and the fact that you have used your WeeMee as your header! Very clever! My poor Weemee has been abandoned for ages. Also I love your font that you use up there for One Response etc. I take it this is twenty ten?

    • Hi TG! Twenty ten it is, using the Typekit fonts with three CSS selectors. Glad you enjoy your visits. :)

      PS and I should mention that as it is now October, the “weeme” header has been retired in favor or Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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