Win7, Bamboo Touch and Corel Painter Essentials 4, Oh My!

This past summer, I had a wonderful visit abroad with family and friends (more on that another time) and came home with a new-ish computer free-of-charge. My previous 6 year-old computer was running WinXP and my biggest hesitation to upgrading to Win7 was losing the ability to run my beloved and familiar PhotoImpact8. I’ve never upgraded to a newer version and when Corel bought PI in 2007, they discontinued it in favor of their own graphics programs. (Surprise! Not!!)

Which brings me to the reason for this post. My old Graphire tablet obviously (obviously!) wasn’t going to make the transition to the new computer thanks to hardware changes, so when the Friday paper came with an ad for the Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch with 3 free full-version graphics programs included, I dashed to the local computer shop with cash in hand. After spending a weekend installing and setting up the downloaded programs, it became apparent that Corel Painter Essentials 4 was the ugly duckling and refused to install and run correctly. Contacting the local Wacom distributor’s support was like putting my finger in a pencil sharpener and after 3 email exchanges with them (what can I say other than I’m stubborn and have a high tolerance for pain), it was clear I was on my own to solve this problem.

I finally found the answer to Painter Essentials 4 hangs on startup in Win7/64-bit in the reply given by Craig in a Windows7 Compatibility forum. Once I created the Color Profiles folder following Craig’s advice, the program successfully installed and I could update to v4.3, which is compatible with Win7. Putting this information out there will, hopefully, help other frustrated Corel customers.

So, what happened in the end with PI8, you might be asking? It’s here too, running in compatibility mode and (tfU! tFU! TFU!) so far, so good.

Made in PE4 and finessed in PI8