Internet Blackout Update

While it appears that the January 18th blackout may have given the US Congress a moment’s pause to reconsider, SOPA/PIPA has not been entirely defeated.

Given the enormous lobbying power the entertainment industry has, it seems unfortunately reasonable that some kind of legislation to curb copying will eventually come to pass.  The only question is when and in what form.

Surprisingly, at least on, there’s been very little mentioned of ACTA, which looks to be far worse and with a much further reach than SOPA/PIPA.

So, where is all this heading? Is the heyday of the “free” Internet over? Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Internet Blackout Update

  1. Freedom of expression was dead the minute employers found out they could find out what their employees _really_ think by surfing the web. People have become so paranoid about what the post/don’t post that comments on one of my blog entries reflected a fear for my job safety. Considering I wasn’t writing about where I worked, but rather a different business model, it had to assure people I wasn’t about to be fired.

    Censorship on the net will come whether we want it or not. There are real issues with piracy that need to be addressed, and unfortunately, that will come at a price many are not really willing to pay. As a writer and the mother of a musician, I realize neither Misha nor I have any control over who steals our stuff and uses it _not_ as fair use without paying for the privilege. In an age where some people make their living from their writing and their music, this can be viewed as loss of income. Not everyone is ethical and not everyone is willing to do the right thing. Most people want something for nothing, and in the end, not paying for commercial use means artists of all stripes are even poorer than they already are.

    Should people be able to pirate films and post them online for free viewing?
    Should people be able to take a song from Reverbnation or My Space and use it for their own purposes without explicit permission from the composer?
    Should people be able to copy one of my blogs and pass it off as their own work?

    While I am TOTALLY against PIPA, SOPA, ACTA and TPP, I need to on record as saying artists, and not just Hollywood, need some protection.

    I have no idea what it should be or what it should look like….but there has to be some recourse.

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