The Day of the Great Unfollow

It had to happen. All those Facebook and Twitter accounts just languishing with posts from 6 months (or more) ago or nothing but auto-posts from other social networks that I  have befriended you on already or nothing but short URL links making it look like your account has been hacked.

If you were caught in the Great Unfollow crossfire, don’t be offended. I probably connect with you in other ways. Otherwise, go start posting real content again. And in all fairness feel free to unfollow me as well if my content doesn’t interest you. We all have limited time on our plates. I would hate to think I’m wasting yours!

And since I have your attention, here’s yet another prediction of the demise of blogging as we know it. Every time I read an article like this I become more worried about the demise of lengthy or thoughtful or thought-provoking prose. Do we really no longer have the patience or time to read with intent not only articles we agree with, but  articles that we disagree with that challenge our worldview. I do wonder…

(P.S. The foot is much better. Thanks for asking!)

2 thoughts on “The Day of the Great Unfollow

    • Ian-Every medium has its strengths and weaknesses. What worries me is that so many people choose the short format medium, as though they’re not capable (don’t have the time, whatever) for anything longer than that. Makes me curious to see what the average length is for a doctoral thesis these days compared with 50 years ago. Hmm…may have to go do some research on that.

      P.S. Apparently the only ones writing these days are sp^mmers, if I can judge by the 17 comments I just deleted from this post alone!

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