Book Review: The Long Earth

The Long EarthThe Long Earth by Terry Pratchett

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Lately it feels like I’m reading books by my favorite authors that are just, I don’t know, anticlimactic. “The Long Earth” was another book by Terry Pratchett, this time co-authored with Stephen Baxter, that began with enormous potential, but rambled along and then stalled. The ending made it clear there’s a continuation, but since the first book failed to capture my attention, I doubt that I’ll read the second.

Sorry, Sir Terry, seems we’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Long Earth

  1. So how about you? Are you going to write a novel in November? I have a great excuse not to: I’m headed off to Gran Canaria half-way through and will be on a bicycle several hours each day. :-)

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