Book Review: Son of Hamas

Son of HamasSon of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A gripping look into the life of Mosab Hassan Yousef, who for 10 years was an Israeli collaborator at the highest level within Hamas and Palestinian society in the West Bank, and the firstborn, beloved son of Hassan Yousef, one of the founders of Hamas. In Mosab’s mind, through his awaking faith in Christianity, he succeeded in freeing himself of Hamas’ fanatical tenets and imperatives for a purpose with a higher calling.

Viewing events on the ground from the Palestinian side was at times discomforting, but this narrative was certainly a mind- and eye-opener vis-a-vis Hamas and PA politics as well as the courage a collaborator must find within himself or herself knowing that their life could end with a bullet should they be discovered.

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Some not so light reading given the events of the recent past, but certainly a worthwhile read no matter what your views. (And apparently Yousef  has a blog on, sadly not frequently or recently updated. His book site includes a link to download the 1st chapter to read or listen to. I recommend it.)

And, yes, I’m still angry.

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