Dear Postal Service

I am disgruntled. The number of cards and letters that I send by regular mail and which subsequently disappear into the ether without ever reaching their destination is dramatically increasing.

These days, when it is so much easier, quicker and, frankly, cheaper to send greetings by email or from a thousand and one online greeting card websites, there are still those of us who choose to spend our money to send mail by regular post. We treasure the experience of thoughtfully picking out or making a card, sitting down and writing snippets from our day or sending greetings across the miles. Once dropped in the postbox, we then imagine the face of our loved one when finding an unexpected envelope in their mailbox, their anticipation of opening it and then holding and reading the greetings which have journeyed to them from so far away.

I gave up sending checks or money as presents by regular mail long ago, as apparently it is just too much of a temptation for some, even if taking it is a felony offense. Now when illicitly opening my letters all they’ll find is “love and kisses.” Sadly, even they don’t reach their intended recipient any more. Explain to me then why I should throw out good money after bad to send my love and heartfelt congratulations, good luck wishes, condolences, prayers for speedy convalesce and festive holiday cheer by registered mail to ensure you hand-deliver them to the homes of my nearest and dearest when I have already purchased that service by buying a stamp and sticking it on the envelope and which, according to your declared service contract, you are then supposed to deliver.

As time goes by, and as fewer cards arrive at their intended destination, it is reasonable to assume that I will choose alternatives to sending cards by regular mail. In my view, that is a loss for both of us.



5 thoughts on “Dear Postal Service

  1. First, let me say i thought i was having some kind of optic event until i figured out it was snowing on your blog, Scared me to pieces for a moment there!

    Second, this year I have marveled at the speed of USPS this season. All three packages sent Priority at a reasonable price ( as opposed to UPS or FedEx) reached their destinations within 72 hours…even the package sent on Friday reached CT for erev Christmas without any additional payment. I was stunned.

    Happy, healthy, prosperous, and adventuresome New Year to you and the mishpacha!

    hugs from the Tundra!


    • The snow is thankfully a temporal event (until the Jan 4, I think), but regardless, I thought I’d turned it off.

      The USPS have an incentive. Fifteen BILLION USD in losses? Ouch! Regardless, it’s not helping with my mail from here. The question is which service is to blame and it doesn’t matter when I send it during the year. There are significant numbers of mail gone missing. Who knows, maybe it’ll get delivered in a hundred years.

  2. The lost cards is a bummer – usually I send a short note by email to several friends with a link to some recipes that work for the Holidays (Deviled Eggs. Oatmeal Cow Pie Cookies and this year my Bird to the Last Drop Soup for leftovers) –

    But you are right – sometimes the written word however is best – the written word on a card that can sit on the desk and be held is special – did send a card this year as email just would not have been the same – spent almost an hour working on the right words –

    Hope the holidays have been good for you and your family

    • Mike, I really feel for my friends who go all out and make handmade cards, only to find they were never delivered. How awful not to be able to rely on a service that is so universal.

      While I was looking up something on the USPS on twitter, I came across this

      Which of course made me spit my morning coffee out. :)

      Our religious holidays here are on such a different schedule that I’m only reminded about Christmas by my friends abroad or by the occasional Christmas tree display in a stationery shop. But it has been fairly quiet at work since all our overseas offices are closed until the 2nd of January.

      Hope the holidays have been good ones for you as well.

  3. I would be upset if any of my handmade gifts got lost also – I have done many handmade gifts for friends – some of them have taken many hours to design then make –

    I do need to give credit to the USPS for getting a package delivered overnight that a friend sent me – the cards we exchanged took a bit longer but still made it before Christmas – I was out of town so I had to wait a few days to get mine –

    Take care & hope you have a Happy New Year

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