WTH? Powering Down Google Reader

As I logged into Twitter Thursday morning, @ahoova’s tweet greeted me:

And what followed were several hours on a roller-coaster ride of emotional ups and downs and reading more about RSS feeds and apps than I’ve done in years. I consume a lot of RSS feeds in my Google Reader, but apparently overlooked this one:

Powering Down Google Reader (via Official Google Reader Blog and posted to WordPress.com via Reader’s “Send to” button.)

What does this mean for me personally? For me the Reader is not only about reading but being able to share interesting reads and not just to FB, Twitter and by email! Google Reader also lets you publish a public page of any selected feed or groups of feeds and that page itself has a feed. I’ve used them to populate WordPress.com RSS widgets on several of my sites. On this site, that’s the “Blogging News” in the footer. Come July 1st, those will disappear, unless I can find a replacement.

And on the lighter side, Ian in Hamburg has gone all out poking fun at the demise of Google Reader (with tongue in cheek…I think).

Meanwhile, over on Rob Cottingham’s “Noise to Signal”…

Two secret agents outside Google Headquarters: 'It's a quick in-and-out: I'll create a diversion, you rescue Google Reader, and we'll rendezvous at GitHub.'
Noise to Signal Cartoon

If only!

Update: Will the bad news from Google never end? What’s next, Google Alerts?

Update2: WordPress.com users can import their Google Reader subscriptions to the WordPress.com Reader. Announcement here.

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3 thoughts on “WTH? Powering Down Google Reader

  1. Jen, tongue firmly planted in cheek as always! Thanks for that link to my post. :)

    Google chose a very heavy news day to slip this into the stream, hoping nobody would really notice or care. I suppose if there’s enough demand for a reliable RSS feeder to take over the job, someone else will step up to fill the gap. I chose google reader, though, because everything else I’d tried before it was a pain to use. Google’s reader was simple, bare-bones and reliable. If you’ve been looking around for an alternative and found something you recommend, feel free to let us know!

    • My pleasure, Ian. I figured satire was afoot, but my eyebrows kept going up and up. :)

      I swear that everyone I’ve talked to is an unhappy Google Reader user, so I’m not sure where they get that the numbers are declining. At the moment I’m trying out Feedly, but am not entirely happy with the limited sharing options and, of course, the lack of ability to push out favorites or groups of feeds as its own feed. If all you want to do is read and share to email, FB, Twitter, G+ and Buffer, Feedly does a good job. They also have both a browser-based app (Chrome and FF extensions) as well as mobile for Android and iOS. I’ll be trying others over the next few weeks and for sure will update this post or comment on it. (Although with the sorry change in WordPress.com’s “Comments I’ve made,” who knows if you’ll see it. :p )

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