My Status for the next 36 hours

In the kitchen #youdontneedfoursquareforthat

And then work.

Chag Sameach, a Happy Passover, to you and yours!


Charlton Heston/Exodus edition

Passover Haggadah [2009-0-31-157]

Sound of Music edition

Passover Haggadah [2009-0-31-214]

Wild Horses edition

Passover Haggadah [2009-0-31-186]

The “Let My People Go!” Dark and Scary (barbed wire!?) edition

Passover Haggadah [2009-0-31-154]

Leonard Baskin Israel Wild Flowers watercolor edition (a Haggadah which my family actually had and used)

Passover Haggadah [94-53-2a-b], A Passover Haggadah, Leonard Baskin, 1974

The Papercut edition

Passover Haggadah [2009-0-31-231], Israel Passover Haggadh (New York, 1950)

All from the Magnes Museum Collection on flickr and released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

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    • Thanks, SJ, and of course the same to you and yours.

      When/why do you think the “ve’Kasher” was added? Personally, I find it irritating.

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