The Day After, A Day Late

Does it seem to you that the post-Google Reader apocalypse is still shaking my world, maybe even just a little too much? You’d be right! Besides the issue of finding a workable Reader replacement (ok, alternative), there are other aftershocks as well. (Feedly is my nominee for this year’s Webbys, but it still falls down on a few important points for me.)

Take, for instance, the “Blogging News” RSS widget in this site’s footer, which is now just a sad, lonely, empty box. That widget fed off the public RSS feed of a Google Reader collection of various sites that I’d subscribed to and which dealt specifically with blogging for bloggers.  While the individual feeds are still available, I can no longer publish them as a new feed and I haven’t found the Google Reader alternative that can.

So, what to do? About the only possibility I can see at this point is to add these sites to a new Blogroll in my sidebar (are any of my 5 readers actually reading/using those Blogroll sites?) Suggestions would be most welcome!

More News about Google Reader: