A Skip Across the Pond

Jetlag and work have finally loosened their grip enough that I hopefully can write a semi-coherent post. Our trip to the USA only lasted a week, less if you discount flying time. After an extremely brief, 2-day visit to Las Vegas, the rest of my time in the US was spent visiting with family and friends while my husband continued on to another telecom conference on the East Coast.

Welcome to the Castle!

(view my “Viva Las Vegas” set on flickr)

My time in Las Vegas, the Kitsch Capital of the World(tm), where we didn’t gamble and were in bed every night by 2300/11pm (yawn), was fairly well split between visiting the National Association of Broadcasters Show, doing some light shopping and walking my feet off along The Strip just ogling the hotels.

Besides talks by seriously big name draws in American media, NAB was a video post-production extravaganza and just emphasized yet again, at least to me, how important integrity is in media reporting in the Digital Age. Right next to my husband’s company’s booth was a company that was selling blue screen technology and from the comfort of the Show floor the presenter was anywhere but on the Show floor. (Amazing and scary at the same time, believe me.) Even in the Information Age, though, I didn’t know that Idan was at NAB at the same time!

What can one say about Las Vegas hotels? Huge? Enormous? Tacky? Overdone? Yes to all of the above! We certainly didn’t have to worry that we weren’t getting our daily exercise to counteract the amount of food we ate. The walk from our hotel room to the front entrance took at least 15 minutes, including some intensive ramp work. I seriously wondered why someone hadn’t started an in-hotel taxi service. As I mentioned before, the casinos, more specifically the slot machines, held no attraction for either me or my husband. Who could possibly want to sit all day in front of a flashing monitor and do nothing but push buttons on the odd chance that there’s some money in it? Apparently a lot of people.

After two short airplane rides and a 15 degree C drop in temperature, I arrived in Colorado to visit with my brother and his family. More about that soonish.