Top search terms-June 2008

Some of the top search terms for finding this blog from the past 30 days :

wysiwyg blog (yep, got that)
headers for cutline (yep, got those)
ravelry serape (from NaKniSweMo-so got those)
photoimpact x3 goodies (got those, not x3 specific, though)
pi presets (yep, got those)
gourmet yarn store israel (got those, too; now with Google Maps goodness.)
wordpress knitting theme viewer (er,um…)
dover file download (sort of, but pi-related)
goodies pi (yep, got those)
“the flavor graveyard is” (hm, thinking the Halloween post got those) +flickr slideshow (sadly, don’t got those)
p.i.’s tool (not quite sure about that one; pi’s got so many of ’em)
uol photoimpact (yep, got those)
blog+moodstream (um, not really. sure would be cool, though)
pi tutorial (yep, got those)
cutline headers (yep, got those-see above)
just jennifer blog (certainly got those)
photoimpact tutorial (got those)
israel (definitely got those)
world record for blog with no comments (wt*?)

If I search Google for that last one, my Live Hatikva post is #2 in the search results. =:-O

Work with me, people! Not for nothing is Crabby over there on the sidebar.

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