I’m angry

“I’m angry.

You see, as most Americans were waking up this morning, and those in Europe and elsewhere around the world were going about their daily routines, here in Israel — over one million people were running for cover from a hail of rockets being rained down by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.”

via Arsen Ostrovsky: My Country is Under Attack. Do You Care?

Published October 25, even more relevant today.

Seems the foreign press has been largely out to coffee during the past year. According to them, this latest action started when Israel, in a precise strike, killed Ahmed Jabari, Hamas’ top military man, rather than following months, weeks and days of rocket attacks on civilian centers in Israel.

Don’t believe me? Watch this November 15th interview of Mark Regev by CNN.

No one chooses to live under daily rocket attacks, yet a million and a half+ people are doing exactly that (see update below). Hamas continues with its declared agenda to destroy the State of Israel.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what Hamas official Khalil al-Haya had to say following Jabari’s demise,

“The battle between us and the occupation is open and it will end only with the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem.”

Via: Fox News

I’ve lived here for a long time (32 years) and been through enough popular uprisings, wars, actions and operations  to know that this agenda hasn’t changed since the days of the PLO. Extremists do not know the word “compromise,” no matter how much the Israeli and Palestinian peoples may want and long for peace and quiet (and, yes, there are those on both sides that do). It’s a bleak outlook ahead for everyone.

UPDATE:  Currently Hamas is firing Fajr-5 rockets, provided by Iran, that can reach the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, which is the area I live in, making the total number of people under fire significantly larger (3.5 million). Like all missiles fired from Gaza, Hamas is firing them from within civilian areas, putting its own population at risk, again.

NOTE: In the interview with Mark Regev, at time-mark 1:20 there is a split-screen video from Reuters where an injured Palestinian man in a black shirt and beige jacket is being carried away from a bombing site. This video has been debunked as completely staged. A few minutes later, the same man was photographed standing up and walking away from the scene.