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Why PI?

Little did I know when I bought Ulead’s Photoimpact v6 from a local distributor sometime towards the end of 2000, I’d renew my love affair with design, graphics and art. PI just seemed to be the perfect solution for redesigning my very first website, Yarnaholic Confessions, and it was a lot cleaner than having to wash Conte Crayon or Rembrandts out of my clothes. I’ve been using PIv8 since 2002 and still haven’t found a good reason to upgrade.

Many of my creations turn into PI Goodies to share with fellow PI users.

My most recent PI creations can be seen on flickr. A few of these started life as a photo, some are original sketches and drawings, some are tutorial results and some are images built from the ground up.

Rio Carbon 5G 20050404-undw-sm Papyrus New Year-Elul 5766 Illustration Friday-Alone Halloween 2005 My take on a Bert Monroy Tutorial

Illustration Friday-Reinvent Wither the wind go Another day at the seaside Souvenir Happy Halloween! Illustration Friday-Travel A very happy Passover


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