How to Import PI Painting Fills

Software used: Ulead PhotoImpact v8
Author: JenT
License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0

In order for an imported Painting Fill Gallery to work correctly in your EP it requires a little extra set up than regular presets:

1.) Start by extracting the ZIP file to a folder you have created outside the PhotoImpact folder.

2.) Import the Painting Gallery’s SMP file into your Easy Palette via the EP Gallery Manager/Import as you would any preset. Make sure to import the SMP as a New Gallery. (If you are not sure how to import the SMP file, Stephanie Baker-Thomas has an easy to understand tutorial on how to do it or if you prefer a Snapshot tutorial to keep in your Easy Palette, here’s one from Deb DeHaven.)

properties13.) Setting up the Gallery: Before you can use an imported Painting Fill Gallery for the first time you will have to right click on *each* thumbnail and select “Properties” (not “Modify Properties and Apply”) from the popup menu to point PI to the location of the BMP file used. For whatever reason, at least in PIv8, when you package Painting Fills, PI does not automatically export the associated BMP file. If you try to apply the Painting Fill before doing this step, you will get the following error message, “Unable to Open the File“. How very annoying!

properties24.) After you click on “Properties,” the Painting Effects dialog window opens. Click on the “Load” button in that dialog window and navigate to the location of the folder where the BMPs are located. Select the correct BMP for the fill. In order to make this easy, I include the name of the BMP in the thumbnail name.
apply1Now, click “OK” to tell the Painting Effects dialog window that you’ve got the right BMP and click “OK” again in the “Update Easy Palette” window that opens.

5.) Ta-dah! The Painting Fill is now completely installed in your Easy Palette and ready to use. The next time you want to use the fill, you can simply click on the thumbnail to apply it to any background or image object. To change the color, density, etc. right-click on the thumbnail and select “Modify Properties and Apply.”

A small word of caution: using these fills on a path object will change it to an image object.

This mini-tut was written to accompany my PI Goodies for Valentine’s Day 2008 post. If you have any questions or problems, please use the comments or contact form on my *About page. I’m always happy to help.