Mobile Blogging-Not

via Mobile earlier: Trying out the new mobile interface from my nokia 6131 and found that unless text wrapping is turned off, the display is borked. Frustrated!

iPhone 3G

Back on the computer: With all the hype about the new Apple 3G iPhone, which for various reasons will not be available here in Israel, WordPress is releasing an app just for the iPhone interface that can be used both for your self-hosted install and here on You can read more about it here.

Which leaves the rest of us without iPhones struggling with, the mobile interface for I tried posting from my Nokia 6131 a few days ago with text wrapping enabled, and the interface was wrapped after every letter. I quit without posting. Today I tried accessing the mobile interface with text wrapping off and saved my above post as a draft. On saving, I had to accept a server redirect 3 times and I finally quit. When I logged in to my Dashboard via my computer, there were 4 drafts of the same post. Won’t be looking to do that again anytime soon.

There are so many more of us who don’t have and won’t have iPhones in the near future; I hope the regular interface continues to be developed so the rest of us can do some of the things the iPhone app does (like posting photos from our phone).

(Update: Yella suggested in the forums that I give the Opera mini browser a try. Does anyone else use it? What do you think of it?)

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