My Three Wishes: First Wish

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows that I The wranglers, gardeners, engineers and poets do an amazing job of keeping our little home on the web the envy of the blogging neighborhood.

While surfing around the web a few months ago, I kept bumping into articles about apps or utilities that made me think how great it would be if supported them. So, here is the first of my three wishes for making my world rock a little harder.

More Mobile!

Being resigned to the ranks of the un-cool using’s mobile site (, I found its bare bones functionality lacking a little something. Actually, lacking closer to everything.

With the estimated number of bloggers having reached 13 million+ (also according to one well-placed source) and celebrating the one millionth mobile user mark, one would hope there’d be some incentive to add an app to the growing arsenal of existing mobile apps for the rest of us without smartphones. Regular mobile phones still outnumber smartphones, especially outside the US. Sadly, however, nothing expected in the foreseeable future. (I know that it’s possible to post by email, but that’s just not the same thing.)

If there’s no incentive for to directly develop an app, then maybe Snaptu or Fring could pick up the challenge. With thirteen million blogs on alone, minus the combined and’s one million users using WordPress’ mobile apps, that’s a lot of potential users.

(The above tweet was brought to you by serendipity, as has just recently started using Twitter’s Blackberry Pie tweet embed. Thank you! #awesome #FTW)

There are, of course, two more posts coming with my additional wishes. Meantime, if you have your own wish that would make using more awesome for you, feel free to leave it in the comments. Better yet, why not start your own “Three Wishes” for Who knows? Maybe between us, we’ll find that genie in a bottle.

Better shared!