On The Virtual Road Again

My self-imposed intermission is now officially over and I have to admit it was hard coming back here. I was “offline” for 6 weeks++ taking a class about, perversely, being online. But my break from blogging also gave me the opportunity to spend time thinking about my online life and what I want to give to it and get from it.

This blog started out as a scattered collection of thoughts on everything from “soup to nuts”  because I have a smorgasbord of interests. Most of the topic specific content (knitting and photography) has been spun off to separate blogs (except for PhotoImpact, which, if I can judge by my stats, a lot of you arrive here looking for). And while I don’t see this blog turning into a topic specific blog, the use of categories and tags is going to become much more important here as I actually expand the number of topics I talk about. So posting will continue to be light while I rediscover the categories and tags properties and do some surgery on this blog.

At the same time I plan to experiment (a lot!) with the new ways WordPress.com have developed of posting to our WordPress.com blog. Experimenting with technology is the reason I got on the Internet in the first place. I love to break things. :)