Looking Back, Going Forward

Today is a milestone for me, marking the day I registered with WordPress.com 7 years ago. If you do a little more digging, you’ll find that this site has been online since February 23, 2007. But let me share a little secret with you.  This is not my only WordPress.com account. Like a few other old-timers I know and some folks who have recently signed up, I first joined WordPress.com back in January 2007 to stake a claim on my *other* nom de plume. I’ve been “yarnaholic” longer in my online life than I’ve been “justjennifer”, late 1990’s compared to early 2000’s.  (Not much of a secret, I know, since I’ve linked to my knitting site up there under “Loose Ends“. Please try to contain your disappointment.)

“Justjennifer,” not to mention WordPress.com, has certainly changed a lot since its beginning and not necessarily for the better. My recent focus has become a little cloudy and topics that I used to feel passionate about don’t move me in the same way. I think that this is also a reflection of the lack of time that I have to indulge myself in writing here or anywhere.  I do feel guilty about it. Most of my communications these days are brief notes on “social media” (Can we say “Like”?) accompanied by lots of photos. Posting on social media is a tad ironic for me, since what’s one to do if one is not particularly “social,” but not really “antisocial”? It’s a bit of a conundrum. I foresee a lot of pruning of those sites in the future as well. Perhaps the problem is needing to refocus and be less distracted or scattered in my efforts to be everywhere all the time.

During this past long holiday weekend I revisited all my subscribers’ sites and discovered that since my last visit many followers have moved on to other pursuits or have just moved on, to a “better place”. So few have managed the long haul, even with interruptions. (Well, OK. Not *all* interruptions can be overcome.) The drive to continuously provide thoughtful, insightful, meaningful or entertaining content is indeed daunting and a difficult prospect for some, including me. When I’ve hesitated or felt that both your time and mine were better spent elsewhere, I’ve thrown up my version of a “Gone Fishing!” sign or redirected you to this site’s older posts or reblogged something I found interesting.  I’ll continue doing that for the foreseeable future, hopefully with more of my own thoughts as well. Thanks for sticking with me.


And as I wrote this post, this WordPress.com Award showed up in my notifications. Welcome to the new WordPress.com.