Straight from the PhotoImpact Goodie Graveyard!

This year’s seasonal seance has brought my Halloween Menagerie back from the dead.  (Sadly, can’t say the same for Ulead’s PhotoImpact, since Corel gleefully drove a stake through its heart!)

In case you’ve missed the annual visitation, I started this Menagerie back in 2003 using PI v8 and have enjoyed creating each new creature from leftover body parts from the year before (Vanessa’s hand is up there in my site’s header). So don’t lose your head, but if you work with any version of PhotoImpact, make sure to take apart these UFO files. They’re hiding a few surprises. Click on the image caption above to download any or all of the ZIP files containing the full-figure UFO (not just a head-shot). But just like a good Halloween Trick-or-Treat, these files will disappear on November 1st.

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